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The Zenzouk's colors show : The Moon


About the SHow: The ZenZouk Colors Show was first premiered in 2019 directed, staged, and choreographed by Ryel Velandia and produced, organized, and promoted by Leslie Tietjen of ZENZOUK LLC. This hour long production will inspire you and keep you on your feet! We are excited to share this with you for ZNP 2020


Based on a simple story about werewolves, vampires, humans, and how the tension and rivalry between them end up becoming a magical love story with a twist.

The first scene begins with the climax.
A big battle about to happen between the wolves and vampires, the big confrontation.

This Scene is followed by the frustration of the werewolf knight in the hopes of an impossible love. This solo dance is performed by Ryel.

Now we introduce the different tribes, what they are about and what leads them to this whole confrontation.

We will start with the fierce werewolves and their transformation - their power and human side
In the woods during a full moon. Guest appearances by Shani Mayer

Followed by vampire village and their happy times dancing at the sunset before the moon comes. This scene will be performed by the nyc students with special appearances by Joao, Chanel and the Ramalho’s.

The next scene is a special scene where we will Introduce the humans.
We arrive to a ball in the human kingdom, ruled by the king and queen.
They will welcome us to their Party with their royal dance as they introduce the royal orchestra.
This beautiful guest appearance is choreographed and performed by Jaime Aroxa and Kiri Chapman.

The royal dance leads into the full orchestra, the bitter sweet symphony, performed by the nyc team in conjunction with the different guest communities including DC, TX, Canada, and Philly

During the orchestra scene, the werewolves, in their human form, are part of this festivities.
They love the warmth and kindness of the humans, they even fall
In love with them; after all, they are humans too.

In this scene the knight wolf meets the human princess of his dreams, love at first sight, yet this bitter sweet last dance becomes the beginning of a possible nightmare.

The following scene, the vampires crash the party looking for a victim, after all they love humans too, yum! here is the moment where, we see the princess be seduced by the lord vampire, destroying a dream and creating a cruel reality. The dance ends with the infamous bite.

From the tragedy, we jump to a moment of unity and the power of the pack, the searching for the impossible love of the werewolf knight, you are not alone.

We go back to the infamous bite and watch the transformation of the new born vampires. We can see the passion and tension and the transformation take place.

This piece is followed by the vampire team piece showcasing the sultry movement and sublime power of the vampires.

They are encounter by the werewolves, this is the bitter sweet symphony coming to an end, the search for the knights love is over.

This mystical love goes beyond everything, more powerful than tribes and how the passion and strength of both becomes the vulnerability and weakness of each other. They complete each other by fearlessly surrender to their love.

Now we go back to the present, to the moment of climax- the big battle between these two worlds, and how love will overcome the obstacles and challenges- here is where they put their powers to the test. Here is where real powerful energy is released- the time to coexist and continue our journeys.

The end



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