Ry'el Velandia

ZenZouk Founder/Director

New York City and Venezuela

Brazilian Zouk Lambada

Cast for TV show Mira Quien Baila 1st season (Look who is dancing, Univision) 2010, Performed as part of Cecilia Marta’s dance Company in NYC Summer stage at central park and DRA Gala (dancer responding to aids) and creator of ZenZouk.......

Jessica Lamdon

Aka the Unicorn

New York City

Brazilian Zouk Lambada

Jessica Lamdon, also known as "Unicorn", (the nickname she was crowned by her mentor and partner Ry'el) instructor, performer, actor, loves to MC, professional hugger, has been dancing since she was 8 years old....


UK Dance Connexion


Brazilian Zouk

Originally comes from Brazil and started to dance when he was only 10 years old. In 2005 he enrolled in a course for professional dancers in Rio de Janeiro at the Jaime Aroxa Dance School.



Linda Mattos


Brazilian Zouk

Originally comes from Slovakia. Linda trained in gymnastics since she was 3 years old for 9 years. At the age of 14 she discovered dancing through Ballroom and Latin dance styles. She competed in the amateur category for 5 years.



Renato Ramalho


Brazilian Zouk Lambada

Brazilian native, Renato Ramalho is a Dancer, Teacher and Owner of Ramalho’s Brazilian Ballroom Dance Academy in Rio De Janeiro. Aside from his specialty in Brazilian Zouk, he has also dedicated 10 years to Brazilian Ballroom which includes dances such as Bolero, Samba De Gafeira, Soltinho....

Rachel Ramalho


Brazilian Zouk Lambada

Rachel Ramalho, Brazilian - is a Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher and Owner of Brazilian Ballroom Dance - Ramalho's Dance Academy - RJ Ministering all rhythms....

DJ Kakah


Amazing DJ Sets

Kakah has entered the dance world in 2009, focusing on West Coast Swing earlier in her career, and most recently Brazilian Zouk – a rhythm that now a days over rules the dance floors in Brazil.

In 2011, she started to dedicate ........

Lucia Kubasova



-dancer, perfomer, teacher, choreographer Lucia Kubašová has been dancing since childhood; she began with ballroom dance where she became the Champion of Slovakia and then worked her way up to the interna-tional level successfully representing Slovakia in international competitions......

DJ Power

New York City

DJ Artist

DJ Power is the resident DJ for Zen Zouk and Zouk NY. DJ Power has worked his magic at all of the main USA Zouk congresses such as NY, Miami, LA, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto and the ZNL congress in Mexico. He is a DJ for the people and tunes into the atmosphere of the venue and the dancers’ energy....

DJ Viscious

New York City


Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Vinny (aka the Unicorn’s Apprentice) began his dancing with Salsa in 2012. Originally, dance was more of a side passion, until 2014 when he fell into the rabbit hole that is Brazilian Zouk. Training extensively under Henri Velandia and Jessica Lamdon of ZenZouk, in addition to other prominent.....

DJ Smooth-ee


DJ - Brazilian Zouk Lambada

Sameer aka Smooth-ee started Djing with his brother turntable in the 90’s. Distributing Dance and Hip Hop mixtapes for his friends and family, he would also DJ and MC at local parties and weddings. His focus would later shift to social dances in 2009 while taking salsa, bachata and kizomba lessons. Smooth-ee was....

Mary Aranas

New York City

Acro Yoga

Mary Aranas fell in love with Yoga in 1996 and has been teaching Yoga full time since 2002. In 2007 she fell in love again, this time with AcroYoga, and has taught it continually since 2008. Mary is certified in Level 2 Reiki, Level 2 Thai Bodywork, YogaSlackers and ISHTA, and leads Restorative...


New York City


Claudia Ferreirai (Clo) began training with her brother Henri Velandia (Ry) at the age of 9.  Her styling, technique and stage presence captured the respect of the salsa community at an early age. Together, Henri and Claudia won 2nd place at the Philadelphia College Showdown in the professional division in 2010 and have performed at numerous Salsa Congresses in...

DJ Greg Lam

New Jersey


Greg began his journey through the dance world with Argentine Tango, soon after becoming a Ballroom Instructor with Fred Astaire Studios, and then as a Salsa/Bachata/Zouk performer with the HotSalsaHot team. Assisting his DJ/Musician father for years on the road, he eventually picked up the his own pair of turntables to learn the...

DJ Big Boy Bachata

United States


I  have been a DJ since I was 17 years old and started off hauling vinyl records for a DJ friend who took me under his wing back in 1991. Started off with House, Hip hop, and club. Got into latin because of my mother who loved Salsa and she would give me money to buy records if I would also buy Salsa records....

De'Jon Polanski

New Orleans


De'Jon Polanski is a high energy and diverse Afro Latin Dance Instructor, Performer, Artist, and Social Dancer from a Dominican cultural background that is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He discovered Latin Dance at the age of 15 years old and began to social dance Salsa and Bachata untrained until later discovering Cuban Master Aurelio Gonzalez where he trained in.... 

Cindy Salgado

New York City

Contact Improv/Zouk

Well this is a super treat!! Love the slow downs in zouk and want to explore a little bit more on how you can connect!!! The lovely talented Cindy Salgado will be joining us at @ZoukNplay this year. 

We are so honored to have her and her experience with us!!

Cindy Salgado
Born in Sunnyvale, CA, Cindy Salgado began her dance training at the age of 3. After graduating from the Juilliard School in 2005 with the Princess Grace Award, she began ........

More Surprises coming soon!



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