Live Art Showcase Dance 

Enter for a chance to win the very first artwork during a LIVE ZOUK DJ PERFORMANCE SET!!!





Minimum Raise to for Artist, Supplies, etc to Raffle off will be $300. If minimum is not raised, tickets will be refunded. We will be raffling painting off on Sunday!!

Purchase Raffle Tickets here!


ZenZouk and Zouknplay is dedicated to the arts and is passionate about growing artists, groups, and individuals.  We are excited to have Angi Vita with us, who will be setting the stage with amazing talent.  WE WILL BE RAFFLING OFF her painting!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AT ZOUKNPLAY FESTIVAL To be part of the drawing; anyone can contribute to win!


ZOUKNPLAY FESTIVAL 2019 will have a LIVE ART SHOW during the DJ SETS with the amazing talented Angi Vita from Philadelphia Friday Evening sometime after shows and during live DJ sets!! We have known Angi for years and have yet to see her physical art. Zouk Inspired art and a little bit of dance, and you get to experience it at ZNP.

What is live art? Well, at its most fundamental, Live Art is when an artist chooses to make work directly in front of the audience in space and time. So instead of making an object, or an environment (a painting for example) and leaving it for the audience to encounter in their own time, Live Art comes into being at the actual moment of encounter between artist and spectator. Or at least even if they are not physically present, the artist sets up a situation in which the audience experience the work in a particular space and time, and the notion of ‘presence’ is key to the concerns of the work.

The term ‘Live Art’ came into usage in the UK in the mid-1980’s, and was born out of a frustration by arts professionals to account for art practices that expanded or escaped the classifications in use. Artists were making work that wasn’t quite dance, that couldn’t be called theatre, that didn’t fit into any of the categories on offer.

While Performance Art had been an established genre in the US since the 1970’s, the term ‘Live Art’ was an attempt to acknowledge the diversity of live based arts practices.

Live Art may incorporate many other elements than performance but is founded in a conceptual framework where the performer, the director, the ‘doer’, is the artist. The physical body, even if present in the same space as the audience, is not necessarily ‘performing’; certainly not in the theatrical sense of ‘pretending to be someone else’.

Live Art offers a haven to artists whose work does not comply with the strictures of traditional designations and gives those practices legitimacy within contemporary culture.

But although the term ‘Live Art’ is relatively new, live art practices and methodologies have a clear history and lineage.

There have always been artists who have worked at the margins of their discipline, experimenting outside the established norms of what it means to be a sculptor, a dancer, an actor.



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