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Purchase Tickets now for an exhilirating summer to remember with your friends. Feel the fresh Atlantic Summer breeze at Atlantic City and the amazing energy you will share with us! Tickets are available for a variety of students including dancers, seekers, zoukers, movers, partners, and more. Zouk N Play Festival strives to provide workshops and fun under the sun, while gathering with different skillsets of students. Whether you are new to movement, dance, and connection, or want to get the most in learning to move, zouk, and connect to further enhance  your skills, we have it here at Zouk N Play!


New for ZOUK N PLAY 2018


- ZenZouk Education Program featuring LVL1 Fundamentals and LVL1 A Advanced Fundamentals


- Summer Latin Mixer -  Salsa and Bachata Party Room hosted by DJ BIG BOY BACHATA and DJ GREG


- 5 Workshops Salsa/Bachata with De'Jon Polanski and Clo Ferreira. 


About the Zouk N Play

We are extremely excited to bring to you this FRESH new festival available to movers, dancers, seekers, zoukers, and more.  The mission of Zouk N Play is:

  • to bring people together to see movement as a conversation and celebration.
  • to provide new students a fresh new weekend to learn zouk, movement, and connection, in a comfortable environment 
  • to provide movement skills and unique, advanced, structured workshops/intensives for intermediate/advanced zoukers and
  • to advance the Brazilian Zouk Lambada community by providing a teacher training or community builder program to grow zouk in respective communities/regions.


The Zouk N Play Festival will consist of the following:


  • Workshops in Movement, Yoga, Dance, and Flow, Salsa, and Bachata from talented instructors.
  • A Beginner Zouk Track for students interested in the fundamentals of connection, movement, and Brazilian Zouk Lambada.
  • An Intermediate and Advanced Track for those wishing to discover more in their dancing.  The Zouk N Play Festival will provide workshops and classes that will focus on adaptive movement modalities for Zouk, in addition to more refined classes for students to advance their Zouk. 
  • The ZenZouk Education Program (ZEP) featuring the Brazilian Zouk Fundamentals LVL 1 and Advanced Variations LVL 1A. Each LVL will have two tracks for either teachers or those wishing to take an deeper dive in Zouk  and would like more of an intense education yet are unsure of teaching.

ZenZouk Education Program - Teacher and Intensive Training Level 1 and Level 1A

Prepare to start growing communities in your area. ZenZouk Fundamentals course will prepare you to begin teaching Brazilian Zouk Lamabada.  CONNECT | LEARN | BELONG

New To Brazilian Zouk Lambada?

Consistent workshops provided by Ryel and Jessica will leave you wanting more in an express weekend of learning Brazilian Zouk Lambada. With over 15 Hours of Workshops/Parties.  Come join our community!

Celebrate Your Zouk

For Intermediate and Advanced students, Zouk N Play will provide unique structured intensives.  We are surveying folks now on what they would like to learn, so we can bring it to you. Come with questions to make it a more focused learning.





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