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LVL 1 Fundamentals Teacher Training


Save the dates for an unforgettable weekend!


Thursday July 6th - Sunday July 9th

For an entire 4 Day weekend of classes/workshops/parties and invidiualized small group attention to gain knowledge to start teaching LVL 1 basics, techniques, concepts, and rules of Brazilian Zouk Lambada.  


Level 1 Training under ZenZouk - A Brazilian Zouk Lambada school based out of NYC is designed to set the stage for you to begin growing or training a Brazilian Zouk Lambada community in your area.  Level 1 Training under ZenZouk is the foundation because it leads the way for you to later advance in either LVL 2 Brazilian Zouk (traditional) or LVL 2 LambaZouk. 


Ryel, founder of ZenZouk, has developed the course curriculum through his international experience as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. His main aim is to educate and cultivate the appreciation for each one of these different styles of Brazilian Zouk-Lambada, thus building a strong foundation of versatility by embracing  evolution  through the classic techniques found in  the origins of the dance (Lambada).  He understands that not all international training is accessible to individuals wanting to grow and develop a Brazilian Zouk Lambada Community, and within this understanding he has dedicated the last year in developing a curriculum that is accessible and suitable for those that want to be teachers and/or community leaders. His Bio can be read here as well as his experience in Zouk and dance. 



More About ZenZouk Teacher Training


Who should take this course?  This course is designed for several audiences:


  • Community leaders who wish to develop or lead a Brazilian Zouk Lambada scene that does not currently have a professional Zouk instructor.
  • Current teachers of any style of dance who are interested in gaining knowledge of techniques and concepts of Brazilian Zouk Lambada that may later be used to become a future teacher
  • Intermediate or Advanced dancers wishing to understand fundamentals to prepare them for LVL 2 Brazilian Zouk (traditional) or LVL 2 LambaZouk


What does the teacher training program come with:


  1. 10-12 Hours of 2 Days of Fundamental Training, reviewing basics, concepts, rules, steps, and technique.
  2. A Manual that will contain movement exercises to aid the teaching of Brazilian Zouk Lambada, class structure, a syllabus, and all material that will be covered in class.
  3. A Playlist of music ready for you to begin teaching Zouk
  4. Additional 10 Hours of Workshops both Saturday and Sunday at no additional cost.
  5. A community of people waiting to share and support you in your journey of teaching Zouk. 
  6. A Certificate of Completion for Fundamentals training mailed to you after the training has been completed.
  7. The opportunity to continue in the ZenZouk Comprehensive Teacher Training Program for full certification.

By joining the ZenZouk Teacher Training Program, you will always have access to the amenities of our program including follow up support if needed from Ryel and the ZenZouk Team.  Do not miss this awesome weekend to start the journey of becoming a community leader of zouk as it will only provide you great knowledge to train a scene in a steady and safe way avoiding bad habits and injuries. You are on your way to spreading the Zouk love and we can't wait to have you be part of our amazing program.

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